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Major Events for Startups and Entrepreneurs in Europe for 2016

Major Events for Startups and Entrepreneurs in Europe for 2016

The soaring unemployment rate in Europe, since the aftermath of the economic meltdown of 2008, has created an entire generation of promising new startups. Hence, sensing the opportunities, many European countries have become epicenters of angel investors, seed funds, and venture capitalists
Cash-strapped entrepreneurs should take advantage of the many exciting events for startups that can bring them in touch with such funders. However, attending these events can be costly. in touch with such funders. However, attending these events can be costly. One of the ways to cut costs is by claiming back the VAT paid on the event price. VAT4U can help you with that. Registering with VAT4U is free and can help the entrepreneurs save up to 27% off.

This article presents the list of the key events you may attend this year in Europe. The participation cost mentioned is not guaranteed and is indicated as a general information only. We recommend to access the official webpage of each event (following the included links) to get all the necessary information details.

In addition to the entrance cost, in some countries you can also recover VAT on other expenses (e.g. accommodation, restaurants, taxis,…)! In this regard, the VAT rate in use in those countries is indicated in front of each event, even if the participation cost is free.

Start Summit, 18-19 March Gallen, Switzerland: Conference for entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups and students to connect with media, corporates and investors. 3-day event is attended by 1,500 attendees, 800 students, 300 founders, 100+investors and more than 300 start-ups. It is full of workshops, keynotes, and networking events.

Participation Cost: 79 to 149 CHF
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 8% 

The Gadget Show Live, 31 March to 3 April Birmingham, UK: The largest technology show event where you can see Britain’s most promising and exciting inventions engineered to enhance your everyday life. Industry heavy weights and emerging inventors exhibit their products here. It is being held at NEC which is an easy walk from Birmingham International Airport.

Participation Cost: 16.99 to 18.99 GBP
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 20% 

Startup Camp Berlin
, 8-9 April Berlin, Germany: Largest early stage startup event that brings together founders, entrepreneurs, and investors of the world where experiences are shared and future is created. Activities at this event are created to give you the best contacts possible. There will be a Conference, Expo, Pitch Marathon, and Office Hours.

Participation Cost: 89 to 319 €
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 19%  

Wolves Summit
, 12-13 April Warsaw, Poland: The biggest multinational tech gathering in Eastern Europe to learn innovation and best practices in technology, sales and marketing. Focusing on networking it is a bridge between investors and promising startups. This third edition creates networking environment that will connect you with interesting people.

Participation Cost: 207 to 1,050€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 8% and 23% 

Fintech Summit
, 3-4 May Paris, France: An initiative of the International Venture Club and the Tech Tour is the best investment opportunity within the Fintech industry in Europe. It includes, 20 innovative company presentations, discussion panels, keynotes and networking dinner of 120 guests representing the “Who’s Who” of the Fintech and Venture Capital market.

Participation Cost: Free to 900€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 20%

PODIM Conference
, 11-12 May Maribor, Slovenia: The largest conference showcasing the hidden forces of startups and how they are revolutionizing businesses in the Alps-Adriatic region. 2016 is its 36th year and remains an epic two-day motivational, educational and networking experience and is a must-attend event for any true entrepreneur.

Participation Cost: 97€ to 390€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 22% 

Pioneer’s Festival, 24-25 May Vienna, Austria: Leading tech festival where investors, innovators, and future entrepreneurs build the network to succeed in the future. Gathering of 2,500 of the like-minded pioneers provides an opportunity to build relationships that matter. 500 most promising tech startups are identified by the global tech community and key players.

Participation Cost: 1.195€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 20%

Enterprise Digital Summit, 1-2 June Paris, France: Conference on social collaboration and the building blocks for the successful organizational transformation for the digital age. This is a unique learning experience from Social Business experts and practitioners. Planning has started and early bird tickets are available

Participation Cost: 1.390€ to 2.590€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 20% 

Startup Extreme, 15-17 June Bergen, Norway: A gathering of the top 200 investors, innovators, media, and Nordic founders for extreme activities and networking. The one-day open conference will be followed by an invite-only two-day summit in the Norwegian fjords.

Participation Cost: 750 NOK to 3.750 NOK
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 25% 

South Summit, 5-7 October Madrid, Spain: 100 Startups from the South of Europe, Mediterranean, and Latin America would be selected to participate in this event. They will get 3 free tickets, opportunity to pitch to international investors, demo booth at a discount rate, training programs and first-hand information about the attending investors and corporates

Participation Cost: Free to tbc. €
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 21%

IoT Solutions World Congress, 25-27 October Barcelona, Spain: World-leading Industrial event exhibiting the deployment of the internet of things transforming companies and industries. It is a global reference event where technology meets business creating massive opportunities.

Participation Cost: 795€ to 995€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 21% 

Web Summit
, 7-10 November Lisbon, Portugal: Each week early-stage startups from around the world are selected to exhibit in this event for startups. They are then given an exhibition stand, 4 tickets, opportunity to access Mentor hours, Investor office hours, startup University, Startup Roundtables, Startup Workshops and much more.

Participation Cost: from 1.950€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 23%

Biohacker Summit
, 17-18 November Helsinki, Finland: Learn tomorrow’s mainstream through the art and science of optimizing performance and well-being with technological and biological tools. Here you will learn new set of practices and principles that make your life more effective.

Participation Cost: 240€ to 1.490€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 8% and 24% 

European Venture Summit, in December (date to be confirmed), Düsseldorf, Germany: Europe’s foremost networking and investment event for high growth technology start-ups, venture capital investors and technology corporations.

Participation Cost: Free to 1.000€
Potential VAT savings with VAT4U: 19%

You are a startup event organizer and want to be part of this list? Contact us.

This publication contains general information only and is not a professional advice or services. You should not make any decision on the basis of this information but you should consult a qualified professional.

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