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VAT4U is now available in Belgium!

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VAT4U is happy to announce that our online VAT refund platform is now fully available for companies registered in Belgium.

What does this mean for you?

If your company is established in Belgium, you can now use VAT4U. You are now able to pilot and send your
VAT refund claims directly from our Dashboard. In fact, VAT4U has a direct interface with the Belgian tax authority portal.

Why you should start using VAT4U?

1. Easy and compliant!
Which type of fuel is deductible in France and by how much? What if I have breakfast included on my Spanish hotel invoice? Do I have to send a copy of every German restaurant bill? How can I submit my claim and which documents must be attached? Which VAT claim has been submitted, approved or rejected? You don’t have to know any of these complex VAT legislations and technical processes. VAT4U knows. Our refund platform guides you through the process in an easy way and gives you one front-end to manage all your VAT claims.

2. An all-in-one solution with embedded features designed for you
From invoice to the refunding of your money VAT4U doesn’t stop halfway. You can use our platform to enter your invoice details, automatically calculate your VAT refunds, attach invoice copies where needed, send your claims directly to the tax administration and receive your VAT back. You don’t even have to log into the online services of your tax authority anymore or connect to platforms in countries where you do not know the language. VAT4U offers handy features like the direct import of mass data (you do not have to do any data entry), the management of multiple companies (very useful for Tax advisors, VAT refund specialists and  multinationals), an interactive dashboard, the tracking of your claim status, the possibility to give access to multiple users and roles and many other functionalities that will make you happy!

3. A premium customer care
Our team takes care of each of our customers needs and quickly answers any of your requests. You can even use our free embedded chat system whenever you need live support. Our team is based in Germany and specialised in VAT refund so you always get satisfying answers and professional support. Get the full service: Do you not want to spend a single minute on the VAT refund process but would like to get the most cost efficient service? Then you may like our full service offer! Our customer care team will do everything from A to Z and comeback to you with the results.

Create your account now for free!

Opening your account on VAT4U will not cost you a single euro. We only charge our service fee when you submit your VAT claim. Our fee is based simply on the amount of VAT you claim. This allows you to test the full functionalities of our platform without risk. In addition, VAT4U offers a “satisfied or reimbursed” policy and reimburse the service fee when your VAT claim is rejected by the tax administration!

Just signup here and start immediately. If you have any questions in advance or during the preparation of your claim, our team will be happy to help you. Just contact us via our chat function on the website, via e-mail at or just give us call: +49 211 54556550.

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