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VAT4U now approved by the Dutch Tax Administration!

Annually, billions of Euro’s are lost by businesses both small and large from their operational activities, travelling and cross-border business expenses; billions lost through VAT that can be reclaimed. The complexities of working over numerous countries with confusing and differing taxation methods, tax codes and legislation can seem daunting.

The Netherlands is a country known for its dynamic environment, an immersive and international economic powerhouse. Therefore, many Dutch companies doing International Business both at home and abroad have the possibility to reclaim tangible amounts of foreign VAT. VAT4U is here to support them during this process. Innovation has always been a focus for the Dutch economy, which is actually a philosophy shared by VAT4U who is considered as a strong innovator in the VAT world.

We are pleased to announce, the Tax Administration of The Netherlands has now authorized automated digital submission of VAT claims processed on VAT4U – it is now reality to submit your claim directly through your VAT4U Dashboard.

You are now able to upload, manage and send your VAT refund claims directly from your Dashboard within the VAT4U application. VAT4U has a direct interface linked with the Dutch Tax Authority servers, so no more lengthy and confusing back-and-forth’s with the ‘Belastingdienst Nederland’ Tax Administration portal, upload your expenses and get your claim refunded with just one click!

So, what does this mean for your company’s VAT refunds?

If your company is established in The Netherlands, you can now use VAT4U to submit your VAT refund claim electronically directly through the Application (as a direct transfer). You don’t even have to log into the online services of the Dutch Tax authority or connect to platforms in countries where you wish to claim any longer, VAT4U does it all for you.

Your VAT Reclaim in The Netherlands & Away – now possible with just one click! For both Domestic and EU VAT reclaim, Dutch companies can reclaim from all over the EU if registered in The Netherlands. It is even possible to import your expenses from your own ERP systems and travel-expense databases directly into VAT4U.

And what’s more, before sending your claims, VAT4U monitors more than 2000 tax rules throughout the EU, as well as keeping on top of administration processes. VAT4U guides you directly how to manage your claim, making the process easier than it’s ever been!

Benefits from using VAT4U’s service:

  • registration is fast and can be done online
  • our service is reliable
  • we have responsive and dedicated customer support
  • you can claim your tax refund in the whole EU

Get Started – Sign up, it takes less than 5 minutes, it’s free – nu verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands!

Used and trusted by an array of clients, ranging from small enterprises to global conglomerates, as well as extensive links to renowned Tax Advisors; VAT4U is the first online tool to manage and automate your foreign VAT recovery.

VAT4U transforms an otherwise irritating, complex, lengthy and expensive process into a cost-efficient, easy-to-use online solution – and now the tool is also available in Dutch!

If you have any questions about the VAT refund process in The Netherlands, our team will be happy to get you on the right track. You can either chat with us through the website chat messenger function, or contact us directly for more information or guidance.

Sign up now and see for yourself how easy it is to reclaim your VAT expenses, both in the Netherlands and the rest of the EU!


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