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VAT4U going global – we are now in the Netherlands!

We zijn nu in Nederland! VAT4U continues to expand the VAT4U network. In cooperation with Less Grey BV, we are proud to announce our new regional office in Amsterdam – VAT4U the Netherlands! This enables localized assistance for our clients and prospects in the Netherlands, allowing for management of Dutch speaking markets!

VAT4U Netherlands at the SRXP Summer Seminar

Starting on a high note, VAT4U Netherlands was recently in attendance at the SRXP Summer Seminar: An event of around 50 product ambassadors, clients & partners of SRXP. SRXP is our Dutch tech partner; our partnership with SRXP, the Amsterdam based travel expense reporting software, allows both companies to offer a joint solution that allows finance departments to reclaim the VAT on foreign expenses automatically – from the receipt of the invoice to the actual refund.

Some key takeaway points of the seminar were discussions surrounding the SRXP platform, but also the integrations with VAT4U. Paul Cramer, our Managing Partner in the Netherlands, gave a great speech about issues surrounding indirect taxes, both globally and within the EU, VAT reclaim laws, rules and risks as well as some handy tips and tricks, introducing the concept of VAT4U as a solution and how we can help anyone reclaim their VAT of business travel expenses and overseas operations.

After the seminar, we enjoyed mingling and chatting with other attendees and teaching others how VAT4U is right for them. Naturally, we would like to give a special thanks to SRXP for hosting the event, the invitation to speak, the great hospitality and for our continued business relationship with SRXP.

About VAT4U & VAT4U Netherlands

Every year, more than 10 billion Euros are lost by companies internationally because they are not recovering Value Added Tax on their foreign expenses. VAT4U, Europe’s first & leading automated VAT refund platform, is the ultimate online solution that effectively manages and automates foreign VAT recovery. It changes the way people reclaim their VAT by transforming the complex process of VAT recovery into a cost-effective, user-friendly online solution. VAT4U continues to simplify every user’s travel expense management process and effectively automate their VAT recovery.

VAT4U is the very first European platform that helps everyone, from business travellers to global conglomerates, automatically refund their VAT and manage their travel expenses.  It offers the first automated online VAT refund platform, assisting companies to reclaim their value-added tax abroad.

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