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The VAT4U Travel App is now available!

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At VAT4U, we are proud to have released our new mobile application, VAT4U Travel. But how did VAT4U Travel come to life? The problem: corporations travel a lot – travel costs, as well as cross-border activities, sum up to a significant part of company expenditure. When traveling, obtaining compliant VAT invoices & documents can be hard, especially if you do not speak the local language! The solution: VAT4U Travel, it enables this worry to be eliminated by offering VAT4U clients an innovative concept, a simple mobile application to get VAT compliant invoices easily!

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What is VAT4U Travel?

VAT4U travel is a simple solution to a small nightmare that all business travellers and finance departments are familiar with and often squabble over – obtaining compliant documents; whether for accounting purposes, expense reimbursement, or of paramount, VAT reclaim…

The application comes packed with several handy features to ensure you are always guaranteed compliant documents, no matter where you are traveling in Europe:

  • Virtual Business Card – never be without a business card! Our handy digital business card means you will never be without the information you need – especially when you are on the move! Easily share information you need to.
  • Geolocalization – smart location services! Smart location services, based on geolocalization, allows VAT4U Travel to tell you everything you need to know, based on where you are travelling…
  • Translation – local language help! The application, based on geolocalization, knows what it has to communicate and can even do it in the local language – You no longer have to worry about language barriers!

How does it work?

The process with the VAT4U Travel is simple – picture this: your company sends you on a business trip to Germany from London where your company is based, you have three days in Berlin. Your finance department requires VAT compliant documents, something that can sometimes seem tedious and often difficult if you don’t speak the local language. During your trip you will gather numerous expenses, perhaps from taxi rides, restaurant receipts, hotel invoices, the list goes on…

When asking for invoices on your trip, there is no need to worry about not speaking German, VAT4U Travel can ask for you! You simply show your phone to the invoice issuer, you then show your virtual business card to make sure all the relevant details you need to be on your invoice are noted down, now you have compliant documents for VAT reclaim. When you return, your finance team can simply upload your compliant documents to VAT4U and get the VAT back.

How can I get VAT4U Travel?

If you are already a client of VAT4U, simply download the application, available on both iOS & Android. Find your secret key within your VAT4U account and apply in in-app and then start your travels with peace of mind that you will always get compliant invoices! If you are not yet a client of VAT4U, you can register here, then the process remains the same. Download the application, apply your secret key and start traveling.

You can also get in touch with us to learn your secret key – we’re here to help!

About VAT4U

VAT4U is the very first European platform that helps everyone automatically refund their VAT and manage their travel expenses.  It offers the first automated online VAT refund platform, assisting companies to reclaim their value-added tax abroad…

Every year, more than 10 billion Euros are lost by companies internationally because they are not recovering Value Added Tax on their foreign expenses. VAT4U, Europe’s first & leading automated VAT refund platform, is the ultimate online solution that effectively manages and automates foreign VAT recovery. It changes the way people reclaim their VAT by transforming the complex process of VAT recovery into a cost-effective, user-friendly online solution. VAT4U continues to simplify every user’s travel expense management process and effectively automate their VAT recovery.

Want to learn more about VAT4U, or VAT4U Travel? Get in touch with VAT4U, simply email us at or visit to get started!

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