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VAT4U partners with Expensya to automate VAT recovery on travel expenses and strengthen its position in France.

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New Partnership with Expensya.

VAT4U, the first online VAT recovery platform for businesses, has the pleasure to announce its partnership with Expensya, the French market leader of travel expense management software.

This year, once again, companies will have left more than 10 billion euros of foreign VAT unclaimed. Companies can reclaim the VAT on employees’ domestic and foreign expenses; for example, on business trips.

This partnership will offer an innovative solution to companies to avoid any cash leakage and save money while travelling. Expensya combined with VAT4U will support the entire VAT recovery process on travel expenses. In fact, receipts are very easily captured with Expensya and, thanks to an integration with the VAT4U platform, expenses can be efficiently processed for VAT recovery. Expensya offers automatic recognition and integration into ERPs of the VAT relevant figures, thanks to its OCR+ & AI proprietary technology. VAT4U generates and manages the VAT claims and automates the workflow, taking into consideration more than 2,000 of VAT rules!

Damien Moras ,founder and MD of VAT4U: “We want to make the VAT recovery process easy and help companies to get their cash back in a very smooth way. We are very happy to partner with Expensya. Expensya is a painkiller. Their innovative system simplifies significantly the life of business travellers. Our role will be to simplify the job of the finance departments when it’s time to talk about Value-Added-Tax. We have strong similarities in our DNA. We consider the French market to be key to the international expansion of VAT4U, and we believe this partnership will strongly strengthen our presence in France.”

Karim Jouini ,founder and CEO of Expensya: “We want to remove the pain and paper from expense management, to automate the whole process from receipt to accounting and VAT reclaim. We are very happy to partner with companies like VAT4U, who have the same UX and technological DNA, and a strong international mindset. VAT4U is complementary with Expensya in making the most of the VAT figures our solution provides. With our automated solution to manage expense policy, it really guarantees the fastest ROI, with savings in time, spends and fraud, and gains in VAT recovery.”

About VAT4U

VAT4U  is the first and unique online solution to manage and automate foreign VAT recovery. We help companies to save money while travelling. VAT4U transforms an irritating process and expensive service into a cost-efficient easy-to-use online solution. VAT4U serves Multinationals and SMEs across the globe.

About Expensya

Expensya is a complete and smart expense management system, to lead you towards zero-paper zero-effort 100% ROI. Our unique OCR+ technology combined with AI allows automating our complete set of functionalities, including legal archiving. We have a cutting-edge mobile UX and can interface with all the various players in the Travel & Expense ecosystem.

Take a picture of your invoice with your smartphone, get rid of the receipt, and we’ll do the rest!

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