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VAT4U named the most innovative digital project by the Milan Observatory of Digital Innovation

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On May 8, the Observatory of Digital Innovation at the Milan Polytechnic named VAT4U the most innovative digital project. The distinct honour was given during a contest held through a professional studies course attended by VAT4U Italy’s Loris and Michele Beretta. VAT4U stood out in a crowded field with more than 100 participants from legal and advisory firms.

Loris Beretta from VAT4U Italy
Loris Beretta accepting the award on behalf of VAT4U

We would like to thank Loris Beretta, the Managing Partner of VAT4U Italy, and Michele Beretta, the Marketing & Sales Manager of the Italian arm, for their participation in the contest and bringing the VAT4U team this accolade.

The duo received the award during the sixth edition of the organisation’s conference, “Data, Data, Data: Digital Humanism for Professionals”, recognising the studies and tech solutions aimed to elevate organisational and market dynamics.

The conference was an opportunity for participants and attendees to understand the state of digitisation for professional firms, assessing how business models should change and adapt as the landscape shifts.

About the Observatory

The Milan Polytechnic’s School of Management established the Observatory in 1999, aiming to publish and distribute knowledge about digital technology affecting businesses, public institutions, and citizens at large. The vision of the organisation is to identify and promote digitally innovative ideas that further the development of Italy’s economy.

The Observatory focuses on four essential functions, starting with the coupling of research and updates. With a team of over 100 experts, the organisation works to investigate key digital issues affecting institutions of all kinds and sizes. The current tally of publications stands at 200, and the number is only set to grow. Once the data has been published, the Observatory uses webinars, workshops, and conferences to update various professional communities about its findings.

The next two functions of the establishment are to create effective communication channels between itself and the various professional communities while cultivating networking opportunities between the many parties. With more than 400 sponsors and partners and 150,000 professionals following the activities of the Observatory, the group’s vision is being realised through all its activities.

VAT4U’s digital approach

Given the goals and objectives of the Observatory, the decision to recognise VAT4U’s online platform is not taken lightly. VAT4U’s automated cloud platform was designed to make the VAT recovery process easier and simpler, eliminating manual processes in favour of those using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In Europe alone, businesses fail to reclaim more than €10 billion through business travel expenses every year, hurting their overall profitability and bottom line in drastic ways. Using software like VAT4U, companies can generate substantial amounts of savings and free up resources to be dedicated to actual profit-making endeavours.

When businesses dedicate fewer resources to accommodate red tape and bureaucratic measures, and more towards investment, the economic growth and GDP of nations will rise. What serves as a simple change on a micro, organisational level can create a ripple effect of positive outcomes affecting both the national and global economies.

VAT4U will continue to enhance and refine its digital product, taking the financial technology allowing simpler VAT recovery to a larger business audience. The digitisation of the business landscape is a constant and ever-present process, and we’re glad to be a part of it.

To reach our Italian counterparts, head over to VAT4U Italy now.

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