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The most common business travel management mistakes to avoid

Business travel management is complicated and mistakes don’t make the process easier. While mistakes cannot be avoided, it pays to avoid common errors. Learning about common errors and avoiding them ensures smoother travel management, which is why in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the most common mistakes made when handling business travelling.

What are the most common mistakes for business travel management?

Wrong reserved information

Incorrect booking information is one of the most common errors in business travel management but also one of the most avoidable mistakes. There are a lot of details to remember like trip times, routing and location – if one detail is off then the entire business trip schedule is affected. Not to mention, inaccurate travel information makes VAT reclaiming far more complex than it already is. You can easily avoid this error by double-checking or triple-checking the schedule and cross-checking with third-parties.

Reserving hotels in the last minute

One aspect of business travel management talked about is booking your flight early or too late. However, booking hotels at the last minute is a mistake most commonly made. Reserving hotels in the last minute is a mistake because the availability is completely out of control. It becomes impossible to select the right hotel with the right amenities or at the right location. When that happens you will have to deal with higher expenses in other forms, like an extra-long cab ride. This is especially the case when booking hotels for large events.

Spending outside the company policy

Employees make the business travel management mistake of spending beyond what the company policy dictates. The mistake arises because employees do not know the spending limits, some of them do not realise they have made an error until the company refuses to refund their spending. To prevent this error, organisations need to communicate their travel policy clearly. Meanwhile, employees have an obligation to seek out travel manager or other relevant personnel about the travel policy. The clarification can help prevent problems for travel management down the road.

Ignoring the little expenses

Business travel is filled with little expenses like exchange fees, parking tickets and taxes. It is easy to ignore these expenses but doing so is a significant mistake in business travel management. The little expenses might seem trivial in one-off transactions, but over time they can add up to incur a significant cost. When planning out business travel, it is important to account for fees and other one-off expenses.

Not working with a travel management expert

Arranging business travel takes time, especially if experienced employees have to arrange their travel by themselves. So a smart way to plan out a travel plan is to work with a travel management agency, which can handle the planning and arranging of travel schedules. However, one mistake companies make is to cut costs and not work with the travel management company. Working with the travel management costs money but the value they deliver in a smooth planning process and efficient timetable justifies that initial expense.

An inexperienced traveller may also make the mistake of not keeping the receipts during their business trip. The receipts are important for gaining refunds and even reclaiming VAT down the line.

Vehicle problems

Something many employees fail to think about when planning their travels is vehicle problems. Vehicle breakdowns happen and maintenance is necessary, however, not planning for any of these incidents is a big mistake for business travel management. The best way to account for this is to work with vehicular companies with an excellent reputation for maintenance. If possible, inspect the vehicles that employees are going to travel in or ensure a sound history of good performance

Avoid these common mistakes

The common mistakes businesses make during travel management cost the company, not just in terms of finance but also in time and productivity. The repercussions of business travel management mistakes also have a negative effect on VAT reclaims. Common mistakes can hurt VAT reclaims because it muddies an already complicated process. However, these mistakes can be avoided with careful planning. Working with a travel management agency can eliminate many of these errors. In addition, other measures include accounting for vehicles, little expenses and checking booking information. It is crucial to reduce mistakes to ensure a smooth, trouble-free trip.

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