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Ann Jones is the new Managing Partner for VAT4U UK!

We are excited to announce Ann Jones as the new Managing Partner for VAT4U UK. Having taken up the new position in May, Ann brings a wealth of experience and skill to her new position.

Ann has over twenty years of experience at the directorial level, helping the titans of industry recover billions of dollars in taxation rebates. VAT4U UK’s new Managing Partner has racked up an expansive clientele base over the years from prominent consumer brands, like Sony, P&G and Bentley to Fortune 500 companies, like HP, GE and Ford.

After graduating from Golden State University, Ann began her career as a Sales Manager at Meridian Global Services, eventually moving to the management consultancy firm, Ayming, where she acted as Managing Director for the UK and later as European Business Development Director being responsible for the strong growth of their European subsidiaries. Prior to joining VAT4U UK, Ann was Managing Director Europe at VAT IT.

Over the years, Ann has used her managerial skills and business acumen to maximise profitability and efficiency for clients across different industries ranging from IT, FMCG, luxury cars to oil and natural gas. With a proven track record of delivering on multiple projects through effective coordination skills and fluency in financial management, project management, change management, cost optimisation, and transformation, Ann has experienced true success at all stages of her illustrious career.

We welcome Ann as our Managing Partner and look forward to the immense contributions she will bring to VAT4U UK.

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