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VAT Refund Weather: Heavy money rains on Europe

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VAT4U offers the first online application to automate your VAT recovery on travel expenses. It works for domestic and foreign VAT and is available for EU as well as non-EU countries.In this video, each spot lighting up represents an expense that was entered by our clients over the past year based on the invoice date. The places of suppliers with the most entered invoices become hot zones.

Our clients have registered more than EUR 19 million of expenses in 27 countries within and outside the EU. The graph below illustrates the VAT amounts per country of refund. The highest amounts were claimed in the Netherlands (21.0%), Austria (16.4%) and Italy (12.0%).

VAT per country of refund

*Other countries: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania.

With a view to the different categories, the highest VAT amounts were refunded for Hotels (50.9%), Fuel (28.2%) and Car rental (8.6%). So, only for hotel expenses our clients successfully claimed several million euros back.

VAT per category

*Other categories: Gifts and entertainment, taxi, parking, education and training, tips or city tax, office material, IT/telecom services, tobacco.

Moreover our figures demonstrate that more than 90% of all entered invoices have a deductible VAT amount of less than 100 EUR. This shows that with our process it becomes worthwhile to also claim such small VAT amounts. This is because:

  1. VAT4U optimizes the manual data entry by using an easy category system, auto calculations and prefilled vendor data.
  2. You can import mass data as well and therefore not doing manual data entry at all.

Deductible VAT amount per invoice

If you also want to get your VAT back in an easy, quick and compliant way, you can try VAT4U for free – for an unlimited time and with the full range of functions. Just register and get started in less than 5 minutes!

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