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VAT4U is expanding in Spain

VAT4U is proud to announce the expansion of VAT4U Spain in cooperation with Spanish VAT Services in Madrid.

For several years VAT4U’s technology and service expertise has been helping companies worldwide to optimize the recovery of their input VAT by automating processes, reducing administrative procedures with different tax agencies, and by increasing VAT refund success. 

At VAT4U, we are delighted to put our VAT expertise and experience as well as our innovative tax technology at the disposal of Spanish companies to help them recover more VAT, significantly reduce  their process costs, and strengthen their compliance with tax regulations.

Launching VAT4U Spain with a team based in Madrid, opens a great opportunity for VAT4U to increase its presence in the country. Spanish regulations require specific expertise and technology.

VAT4U's technology makes it possible to quickly and easily process VAT incurred on domestic and foreign travel expenses as well as VAT on supplier invoices. The aim is to optimize and streamline refund processes leveraging high-level technology. With our innovative and unique solution, we are able to automate for example the Sii reporting on travel expenses or automatically assess if an invoice is compliant with very strict Spanish requirements and correct it if needed.

We welcome VAT4U Spain to our network. We are eagerly looking forward to work with Spanish companies starting as of now.



Damien Moras, VAT4U founder and Managing Director:

“VAT4U is already providing its services to Spanish multinationals. However, we believe that the market demands linked to VAT automation coupled with local expertise is very high and Spain represents a huge potential. The strategy of VAT4U has always been to operate close to its customers and key markets to really make a difference in the quality of its services. Having an office in the heart of Spain with the best experts in this market, we bring many benefits for Spanish businesses that are looking to automate VAT processes. We welcome VAT4U Spain as a part of our amazing VAT community and look forward to the immense contributions it will bring to the VAT4U family.”



Fernando Matesanz, founder and CEO of Spanish VAT Services and Director of VAT4U Spain:
"We are very happy to be part of VAT4U. Without the help of automation and technology, VAT recovery processes can become lengthy and fastidious, often leading companies to desist from reclaiming VAT. VAT4U's technology is unique in this regard. Its processes reduce administrative burdens significantly, streamlining the process of claiming and refunding input VAT not only in Spain but in different countries. Technology and automation are inevitable in today's VAT management and VAT4U is at the forefront of these processes. We are proud to be able to collaborate and to contribute to changing the way international VAT refunds will be processed from now on."


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